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Caruos – Metempsychosis CD 9,50 Euro

Heathen Black Metal from France. CD'11

Caedes Cruedas – Skies Daimonon CD 11 Euro

True, epic Hellenic Black Metal at is best!

Chaoscraft -Procreation Through Disaster CD 9 Euro

Fast and Devastating Black Metal from Greece!

Casus - In Aeternum Pro CD-r 6,66 Euro

Pure underground depressive Black Metal from Germany. Lim. to 50 items!

Colorless Forest - Imprints Of Dreams In Hyaline Ice CD 11,90 Euro

Obscure and ambiental black metal from Russia!

Colorless Forest - Those Who Come With The Rain CD 11 Euro

New Release from this obscure and ambiental black metal Band from Russia!

Cristalys - Sureminence CD 11 Euro

Second Album from this great French heathen Black Metal Band.  54 minutes of music, booklet 14 pages with pictures and lyrics!

Cristalys - In Hoc Signo Vinces -Digi CD 12,90 Euro

Third new album from Cristalys.53 minutes of Ancestral Black Metal recording in Sound Suite Studio with Terje Refnes.

The product is a 6 pages digipack with a 12 pages digibooklet with lyrics and pictures.

Daemonlord – Of War and Hate CD 10 Euro

Second Album from this pure satanic Black Metal project from Spain!

Daemonlord – Godless Prayers CD 10,90 Euro

Latest Album! Fast and raw Black Metal from Spain.

Dhampyr - All The Dead Dears CD 9 Euro

Depressive Black Metal from USA!

Dark Armageddon - Flammenmeer CD 9,90 Euro

Brandnew album.satanic black metal from Germany!

Dark Endless – Dem Tode verfallen CD 10,90 Euro

Second full length Album from this German Misanthropic Black Metal Act. A Release hailing the death and the end of all life.

Enter the void of sadness…

Darkenhöld - A Passage to the Towers CD 11,90 Euro

Epic Medieval Black Metal from France. Ten stories which present the universe of DARKENHÖLD, with an epic, melodic

and powerful Black Metal, yet also old-school and spontaneous. 40 min, 12 pages booklet.

Dark Paranoia – Towards The Boundaries Of Nostalgia … (Pro-CD-R) 8,50 Euro

Depressiv, Raw and ambient Black Metal from Italy. The CD comes in a lim. A5 DVD Case.

Deadlife / Glädjekällor / Lidelse / Winter Willow - Wilted Split CD 9 Euro

4-way DSBM Split CD (with graphic under disk)

Depressive Years - Failing to Confront Suicidal Thoughts CD 9 Euro

The name is program! Pur negative and depressive Black Metal at is best!

Deep-pression / All the Cold - Deep Cold A5 Split – CD 11 Euro

All the Cold plays depressive ambient Black Metal. Depp-pression plays atmospheric negativ depressiv Black Metal!

Den Saakaldte - All hail pessimism CD 11,90 Euro

Full length Album from this great depressive Black Metal Band from Norway!

Descending Darkness - Seelenruhe CD 10 Euro

After more than 10 years of existence, this is the first real full-length album by DESCENDING DARKNESS. 'Seelenruhe' adds

some new elements to the band's sound through the inclusion of some melancholic/epic parts, but still maintains the bestial

and insane aura of their previous releases. Be prepared for 38 minutes of raw and ferocious Black Metal, faithful to the genre's

innermost core and full of rage and disgust.

Diabolical Principles - Beyond the Horizon CD 11 Euro

First Album from this great Greek Band! Raw and atmospheric old school Black Metal!

Diabolical Principles – The Final Step Before The Dawn CD 11 Euro

New Album from this Greek Black Metal Band! 8 Tracks of atmospheric Black Metal!

A.A. CD 004 Dizziness - Offermort Heritage 11,90 Euro

Dizziness 1st full length album warlike riffs,epic feeling, nostalgic melodies which them will remind you the glory

days of the Hellenic Black Metal The CD contains 9 Tracks and will be released in 500 limited copies!

Dizziness / Drunemeton – In the Woods of heathen heretic conspiracy Digi CD 11 Euro

Pagan & Hellenic Black Metal from Greece and Russia at is best (Drunementon is ex-Heresiarch Seminary)!

Dødsengel - Visionary CD 13 Euro

What a great fucking Ablum from this cult act! Occult and satanic BM at is best!

Dødsfall-Den Svarte Skogen CD 10 Euro

The new masterpiece of this Black Metal Combo delivers “Den Svarte Skogen”. With their new Album

Dødsfall takes a step into the elite of Black Metal Worldwiede, they combine the old school Black Metal vibe of the early 90´s

with rawness and freshness missed nowdays by many. “Den Svarte Skogen” is a tribute to darkness and Statn and

represents what Dødsfall is all about…Misanthrophy!

Dødsfall - Djevelens Evangelie  CD 10 Euro

Brandnew album !! Cult Norwegian / Mexican black metal. Produced by Devo Andersson at Endarker Studio !!!

Dødsfall -Inn I Morkets Kongedomme CD 10 Euro

New Album from this excellent Norwegian black metal alliance. Mastered by Devo Andersson

Dodsferd/Chronaexus-Desecration Rites CD 10 Euro

Brandnew split album from this greek and us black metal bands.
Dodsferd plays there typical excellent thrashing black metal.Chronaexus from the usa reminds me very much into agalloch !!

Dor Feafaroth - Behind the Wilight Devastation CD 9,50 Euro

Raw Black Metal from Russia with some Death Metal influence.

Drama - As in empty grave CD 11 Euro

A new caliber of technical, yet still melodic Black Metal that is introduced by "As in empty grave" from DRAMA.

Drapsnatt - I Denna Skog CD 11,90 Euro

First Ablum from this great swedish atmopsheric Black Metal Band.

Draumar – Gebirge MCD 8 Euro

Finally the new EP of Draumar. This time more black metal than before.
Reminds me a lot to Empyrium, caused by using acoustic guitars and a flute.
This time the mastermind behind Draumar handle the vocals on his own and they fit really good to his music!

Draumar - Ein Wintermärchen CD 11 Euro

The finest ambient Black Metal soundscapes I´ve heard in the last few months.
A perfect soundtrack for the coming winter.
For friends of Summoning, Elffor and Vinterriket.

Durthang - Passage Beyond The Cold Vales Of Desolation CD 11,90 Euro

Melancholic and Depressive Black Metal from Sweden! Lim. edition to 100 items!

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