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Infamous – Of Solitude and Silcene CD 9 Euro

Infamous is a one-man band coming from Sardinia/Italy and performs an intense and violent black metal with

a melodic touch and a nostalgic rock flavour. A masterpiece of italian black metal, for fans of Horna, Burzum and post rock music.

Torrid black metal!!

Infamous - Rovine e Disperazione CD 10 Euro

Second Full-Length Album! Raw and Melancholic Black Metal from Italy!

Inferno / Tundra - Infernal Belief Split CD 9 Euro

Great Split CD from both Bands, nothing more to say!

Infinitas – Ardeur Digi CD 14,50 Euro

First release of this great Band. Depressive Black Metal with a very good sound and songs!

Infinitas - Journey To Infinity Digi CD 14,50 Euro

Second release of this depressive Black Metal Act!

Insane Vesper-Abominations Of Death CD 11 Euro

After the EPs "Twilight of Extinction" & "Therefore, He Shall Consume", the bearers of His plague and death are back with t

heir first full length intitled "Abomination of Death"... Eight new hymns of a decadent & filthy Black Metal to glorify the dead

and the might of the black gods, devourers of the every lives and all its beings...Sounds like a mix of old (music) & new (vocals)

Deathspell Omega.

Irrwisch – Irrwisch CD 10 Euro

Irrwisch is atmospheric black metal of the highest class. Like Austere and Lyrinx.

Isolation - Closing A Circle Slipcase CD 11,90 Euro

Finally the Isolation debut album appropriately titled “Closing a Circle”, as it marks the end of an era for the band.

An album filled with atmospheric, melancholic rock/metal with mostly clean singing and occasional outbursts of harsh vocals.

Iubaris - Magnum Coeptum Satanicum CD 10 Euro

"Magnum Coeptum Satanicum" is an compilation of two previous EP and two bonus instrumental tracks. Twelve tracks and over

50 minutes of satanic Black Metal from northern Poland. Limited to 500 copies!

Karg - Apathie Digi CD 11,90 Euro

Brandnew opus from this autrian ambient/post black metal band.50 minutes playing time and 7 songs you

could find on this nice digipak cd.

Karg – Scherben MCD 7,90 Euro

Depressive black metal from Austria.

Kerker - A Dime for bleak faces Digi-CD 11,90 Euro

With members from Todeskult and Trauer. Kerker are a duo from Germany that plays a very raw, atmospheric

and depressive form of black metal.

Kerker - Ban all lights CD 9 Euro

Second album from this German underground band. Raw and atmospheric Black Metal!

Klage -  Die Weihe des Eises – eine Großweise DigiMCD 8 Euro

“Die Weihe des Eises” created by using varying standards from formulaic to experimental. I suppose the fine instrumentation,

aside from the drums, by using variation, instead of those typical double bass blasts, corresponds with the lyrics, which apparently

consist of abstract and philosophical themes. A deep and dark core can be found behind the music. Simplistic, uncompromising

and very atmospheric.

Ketelens Brukke - Graeultaten/Memories Of Life CD 10 Euro

First Album Release from this Horde. Good satanic Black Metal from Austria.

Khristenn Corpse – Grotesques Luxurious CD 11,90 Euro

Melodic, grim and fast Black Metal (lyrical themes: Masochism, Gore, Witchcraft)!

Kilte - Absence MCD 7,90 Euro

Kilte from Belgium stand for great mix of melancholic and depressive doom/black metal with gloomy atmospheres.

Kolp - The Valley Of Plague MCD 7,90 Euro

Cold Black Metal with Depressive touch from Hungary.

Krater – Das Relikt des Triumphes Digi CD 11,90 Euro

True misanthropic German Black Metal!

Kvele – Necrohill CD 11,90 Euro

Second Album from this great Black Metal Band from Athens! Cold, Grim Black Metal!

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