Xaos Oblivion-Nature's Ancient Wisdom CD 10 Euro
Brandnew album.Excellent black metal from poland.

Zahrim - Liber Compendium Diabolicum – CD 10 Euro
Traditional Black Metal from Denmark, frenzy and morbid coldness! Expect harsh grim mastery with eerie keyboards in
the vein of early Emperor. CD compilation of Ia Zagasthenu MLP and the long sold out well done demo tapes on one CD.

Zofos – Lore Unfolds CD 5 Euro
Zofos plays harsh Pagan Black Metal in the old style, dim and gloomy! Lyrically it deals with European Heathenism.

VIII – Drakon CD 11,90 Euro
First Album from this grim and atmospheric Italian Black Metal Band! The music reminds me a little bit on Horned Almighty.

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