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Gestalte – Gestalte CD 11,90 Euro

True Black metal from the Netherlands!

Goathemy - Torn CD 9 Euro
Melodic Black Metal from finland with some accousting parts!

Godless Cruelty (Ger.)- Chaos gestorben CD 9 Euro

Hatefull and fast german Black metal with a clear Sound and explit lyrics and Artwork!

Gorgoroth - Live In Bergen 1996 DigiMiniCD 6 Euro

Recorded live at Garage in Bergen, Norway, the 23rd May 1996.

Gorgoroth - The Beginning CD 9,50 Euro

Feat. "A Sorcery Written In Blood" Demo '93, "Promo '94", "The Last Tormentor" 7" '96 & 5 bonus tracks "Live in Germany '96".

Graupel - Auf alten Wegen CD 11 Euro

Primordial and innovative Northern Black Metal.

Grauzeit- Tyrannei der Tristesse MCD 7,90 Euro

Depressive Black Metal / Shoegaze  band from Germany with members of Faulen,Trauerquell & Herbstregen, Todessucht..

Griefrain - Spring illusion CD 11,90 Euro

Very atmospheric Black Metal with a little depressive touch  from Russia. Lim. to 500 items, 8-panel Booklet Folder!

Grift -Twisted Paradigm Of Light MCD 7,90 Euro

Satanic, Anti-human and depressive Black Metal!

Grim Funeral - Abdication under funeral dirge CD 11,90 Euro

Excellent raw Black Metal!

Grimness - Trust in decay CD 11 Euro

Second Album, from this Italian Band. Brutal and grim Black Metal with an excellent sound!

Gris/Sombres Forêts - Miserere Luminis CD (DIGIBOOK) 15,90 Euro

Exclusive European Edition in deluxe Digibook. Definitely one of this year's Black Metal essentials, the combined efforts of Annatar

from Sombres Forêts and Icare & Neptune from Gris have possibly even become one of the best Black Metal releases that Canada

has seen to this day, creating a style not unlike that which Amesoeurs could have developed if they had grown within the confines of

Black Metal rather than incorporating Cold Wave into their art. Needless to say, this album is highly recommended for fans of both

Gris & Sombres Forêts as well as early Amesoeurs and similar bands.

Grisâtre / Desolation -Split- CD A5 DVD Case 11 Euro

Negativ, depressiv Black Metal!!!

Hak-Ed Damm / Blackhorned – Execrated Split CD 11 Euro

BLACKHORNED from Denmark serves you ugly Black/ Thrash Metal while Canadians HAK-ED DAMM plays impressively fast and tight Black Metal! This split CD is limited to 500 copies.

Hamleypa - Im Morgen von Einst CD 11,90 Euro

Great melodic and atmospheric Black Metal from Germany! A mix of Alcest (without clean vocals) and Woods of Desolation.

Happy Days / Eindig - The first Step towards Suicide CD 11 Euro

Between the Netherlands and USA is a far distance, but between both bands there is only one thought: Suicide.

The topic of this release is as the title says it, ending life. Listen to this great release carefully and quite, melodies that will be in your

head for a longer time while never ending pcitures of death are in front of your eyes. Very recommended split release between

two well known interprets of sadness and grief.

Happy Days / All the Cold / Black Hate / Fonricatus Split CD 11 Euro

A split between four different depressive black metal acts. Different sound, same negativity!

Harakiri For The Sky - Harakiri For The Sky (Digipak) 12 Euro

This young band from Austria was formed by members of Karg and Bifröst. Melodic Black Metal with Postrock parts.
You can take bands like Amesoeurs, Grey Waters or Austere to describe the music of Harakiri For The Sky.

Hegemoon - Szaty Klamstw CD 9 Euro

Raw and fast Black Metal from Poland!

Helcaraxe – Evil Suppremacy CD 11,90 Euro

Grim, cold and dark Black Metal in the vein of the good old 90´s!

Helde - Suaren Gerizpea CD 11 Euro

Helde return with their debut full length album, Suaren gerizpea. Cold and harsh Black Metal from Spain,

largely inspired by Pure Holocaust era Immortal.

A.A. CD 005 Heresiarch Seminary / Occulus / Windstorm - Ghosts of Winter 3 Way Split 10 Euro

Apocalyptic Art & Self Mutilation Services are presenting the this release!

It´s a 3-way split with Heresiarch Seminary (Rus.) / Occulus (Can.) / Windstrom (Grc.).Three bands from different  countries

unite their powers to create 45 minutes cold, hateful and aggressive Black Metal.

The CD contains 7 Tracks and will be released in 500 limited copies!

A.A. CD 006 Heresiarch Seminary - Whirlwind of wild hunt 11,90 Euro

Heresiarch Seminary, blackened pagan /atmosphericMetal band from Russia returns with epic andmighty Whirlwind of wild hunt,

the second full-lenght!When realms of mortals fall into the longest nights,Whirlwind of wild hunt rushes over sky!

Hexenwald - Nordland Okkult Mysterium CD 11 Euro

Occult Black Metal from Germany. Great album re-released as CD with 3 bonus tracks!

Hexenwald / Todestriebe CD 11 Euro

Split album of Hexenwald/Todestriebe. Gloomy, sinister and satanic old school black metal. Fourteen hymns and over 60 minutes of blasphemy available on CD. Limited to 500 copies!

Hordagaard – Kveldskved CD 12 Euro

One of the most respected bands into the Norwegian Black Metal around the world! Fauk bring us their mythic, supreme

and ancestral Black Metal with epic and pagan influences, just like only he can play!!!! 14 new tracks of pure old school art!!

Horna / Sacrificia Mortuorum - Split – CD 11 Euro

Raw as hell Black Metal by Finnish warmasters and their French companions. This gravedesecrating crime has everything

real Black Metal requires: the true necrosound, tortured vocals and masterful melodies of snowclad nocturnal coldness.

Near 40 minutes of a dark journey through the haunted old Black Metal cemeteries. Exclusive CD re-release of rare vinyl

split produced by Debemur Morti Productions in 2006.

Horna - Kun Synkkä Ikuisuus Avautuu – CD 11 Euro

A rough Black Metal gem exhumed from the frozen soil of Finland. Rawest sound, cold melodies, the voice of the tortured soul

in the finest tradition of HORNA. Obscure analogue demo recordings with Shatraug on vocals of the ritual from the cursed ruins

of Cachtice in 2000. Later these songs were completed for "Sudentaival" and "Ordo Regnum Sathanas" albums. Exclusive

release on CD. Artwork by Njard (BLAZEBIRTH HALL).

Horna - Perimä Vihassa Ja Verikostossa – CD 11 Euro

Old glory of Finnish Black Metal masters rise again. 6 tracks over 30 minutes of wrathful, insane and soul-freezing melodies

from the northern domains of snowclad pine-woods and grimmest winters. Features NAZGUL on vocals (SATANIC WARMASTER).

Long sold out vinyl MLP from 1999 is exclusively re-released on CD with bonus song recorded at the same 1999 studio session

taken from EP split with FOG.

Inferno / Tundra - Infernal Belief Split CD 9 Euro

Great Split CD from both Bands, nothing more to say!

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