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Leaden - Monotonous Foghorns Of Molesting Department CD 11,90 Euro

Leaden plays Antihuman Suicidal Black Metal. The venomous journey through the band's morbid creations will let you

forget the light and discover a dangerous place, naturally hidden into your mind for your own safety.

Alteration of the mind and distort perceptions are recommended at the first play for this album; then,

open the Leaden gate and descend into the abyss of Depression and hate for your own human nature.

Musically, we are in the presence of one of the best masterpieces of Suicidal Black Metal recorded ever.

Lebenswinter - Ohnmacht Digi CD-R 10 Euro

Brutal and occult black metal!

Libertatis Amore - Der Traum der Vergangenheit CD 10 Euro

Great german Anti-Human Black Metal! The music is very diversified with slow and fast parts!

Licht erlischt - ... and below, the retrograde disciples CD 11 Euro

Depressive / Funeral Black Metal!

Lik - Må Ljuset Aldrig Nå Oss Mer – CD 10 Euro

Må Ljuset Aldrig Nå Oss Mer is Lik's debut album originally released in 2003 in a limited edition of 1.000 copies. The album was

sold out immediately and had been unavailable for fans for almost 5 years now. After so long time it is re-issued with original artwork,

original track order, without re-masterring and other improvements. The album is the same as it originally was and it brings back the

atmosphere and feelings back from 2003, the distant Northern Europe, when the Lik-s journey has begun.

Lik - Lekamen Illusionen Kallet – CD 10 Euro

LIK is the project of ARMAGEDDA and LONNDOM members. Musically it can be described like ISENGARD's "Hostmorke"

Nordic Folklore Black Metal landscapes meet Black Occult Melancholic Rock in the vein of JOYLESS, FLEURETY. Official re-release

of 3rd album with brand new cover-art. Features exclusive LIK conception explanation and biography in booklet as well as correct

track order and proper sound quality while AGONIA

Like Desolate Like True - Don't Worry... Die Happy CD 9 Euro

Depressive Black Metal from France/ Russia!

Livsnekad – Nostalgisk Katarsis CD 11 Euro

Swedish melancholic black/doom metal, 4 Songs with a playing time of 54 minutes.

Livsnekad - Den Sociala Vanförheten CD 11,90 Euro

First full length Album from this Swedish melancholic black/doom metal project!

Lilyum - Human void MCD 7 Euro

Grim Black Metal from Italy. Sometimes reminds me the music on the first Darkthrone releases.

Lost Life - Wrecked Human Deathcult CD 9,90 Euro

It's a German Black Metal Suicide!! LOST LIFE bring the razors with their latest release, WRECKED HUMAN DEATHCULT!
This time Nephesus (vocalist of AMYSTERY) takes us on a complete downward deathtrip into depression and the darkside of human emotion... LOST LIFE is the loaded gun in the mouth of humanity! Manic Depressives who count their final hours with classics from SHINING, BURZUM, or BETHLEHEM will surely end their existence with WRECKED HUMAN DEATHCULT!
Featuring a new live lineup, this overdose is 8 tracks of supreme suicide inducing Black Metal, including a cover of SILENCER's Death, Pierce Me! No wrist shall remain un-slit!!

Lux Ferre – Atra Materiae Monumentum CD 11 Euro

Second Album from this orthodox satanic Black Metal Band!

Lycanthropy - Black Christmas Pro CD-R DVD Box 6,66 Euro

Pure occult BM!!! Lim to 30 items only!!!

Mandrosys  - A Nine Days' Penance CD 9,90 Euro

18 tracks and about 77 minutes of haunting Black and Death Metal between strength,

aggression and emotion with mystical acoustic and ambient-parts!

Marfik – Devotum Lucifer CD 11,90 Euro

Atmospheric Black Metal.

Mare Frigoris - The Odyssey CD-R 5 Euro

Viking Black Metal from the USA

Medo - Matéria Negra CD 11,90 Euro

This is their second full-length album on CD. A diabolical and occult Black Metal spell from Portugal!

Min Kniv - Av Aske MCD 9,90 Euro

Min Kniv executes Black Metal in pure hateful spirit! Hypnotic, cold and repetitive hymns invoked with total devotion! Raw sound

and noble presentation well fitting this demo previously only available on cassette format through Fossbrenna Creations!

Moloch (Ukr.) - Der Schein schwärzesten Schnees CD 11,90 Euro

Depressiv and ambient Black Metal

Monarque/Sorcier Des Glaces Split CD 11,90 Euro

Brandnew and excellent split cd from two of the best canadian black metal bands !!Masterpiece !!

A.A. CD 007 Morar - Wahlheim CD 6 Euro

After debut EP, finally Morar returns with their debut full length entitled "Wahlheim". The band keeping it's origin and members in secret,

presents just music... Nature is the basic inspiration of MORAR's music and lyrics. The album includes 7 hymns lasting 47 minutes and combines atmospheric Black Metal with raw, primitive and grim parts. Band calls it Sophisticated Black Metal! Released in jewel case CD with 8 pages booklet in cooperation with Nebular Winter Productions & Apocalyptic Art Records.

Morphinist - The Pessimist Session Digi CD 12,90 Euro

Atmospheric and little bit melodic Black Metal from Germany Limited to 500 copies, 4 Panels Digipack!

Mortal Wish – Occultum CD 11 Euro

Raw and occult Black Metal from Brazil!

Mortal Wish – Abracando A Escuridao CD 11 Euro

Satanic, occult and blasphemy! Fast Black Metal from Brazil with some atmospheric Parts.

Mortuus Caelum – Ad libertatem per mortem CD 11 Euro

New Album! Fast,  raw, satanic Hellenic Black Metal!

Mortuus Caelum / Winds Of Malice Split  CD 10 Euro

Brand new split CD combining the unrelenting antichristian Black Metal terror of WINDS OF MALICE with the Satanic Black Metal of Mortuus Caelum!!!!

Mortuus Infradeaemoni - Imis avernis CD 11 Euro

New Album from this Horde. Very good Black Metal from Germany (with members from Luna Aurora).

Moviemto dávanguardia Ermetico - Ingnis CD 12 Euro

The first masterpiece of this cult italic black metal band, reprinted in cd version.

Mysterium – The Glowering Facades of Night CD 10 Euro

First Album from this great Dark / Doom Metal Band.

Mysterium – Soulwards CD 10 Euro

Second Album from this great Dark / Doom Metal Band.

Natrach - Devolution Manifest CD 9,50 Euro

Very good produced fast Black Metal from Belgium! The Vocals reminds me a little bit to Beherit.

Nachtruf - Geistwerdung – CD 10 Euro

Occult Nocturnal Black Metal!

Nachtvorst - Stills – CD 10 Euro

"Stills" the first full-length of Nachtvorst presents us 5 tracks with nearly 50 minutes playing time of emotional

music in the form of Black Metal with cold and gloomy as well as melodic and fast parts to depressive black metal

with some elements of post-rock/sludge music.

Nahar - La fascination du pire CD 11,90 Euro

After releasing a debut minicd "A Moment of Dead Emotions" on Korosiv Productions in 2005, NAHAR recently gained back some

obscure life by recording a full length album, "La Fascination du Pire". Still driven by the dark spirit of Shaddar VH

(only composer and musician) and Sorghal (of Nehemah's fame) on vocals, Nahar shortly found an album agreement with

Avantgarde Music for the release of this album. "La Fascination du Pire" shows us a very old-style, mid-tempo paced

creepy and obscure black metal of Nordic tradition.

Narvik - Demo 2007 Pro CD-r DVD Case 6,66 Euro

Pure underground Black Metal from Germany. Lim. to 100 items only!

Nazarene Decomposing - Demonic Inquisition CD 9,90 Euro

A Black Storm of Pure Unadulterated Evil is brewing in the German skies... and that Storm is NAZARENE DECOMPOSING! Not since the late 90's masterworks of MARDUK has anyone been able to spew forth such a blast of Black Metal fury! The band's first official debut comes in the ritual form of Demonic Inqusition, a ten track Black Mass to bring Jesus to his knees! >From the heavy machine gun blast beats, to the Christcrushing guitar work, and vokills that scream into the night to summon the Unholy Hordes, NAZARENE DECOMPOSING leave no Christian without terror after unleashing the Demonic Inquisition! This is only the first phase of Satanic Victory! Be warned! NAZARENE DECOMPOSING perform the Satanic Gospels that frenzy the Demonic Legions! Demonic Inquisition is the Satanic Black Metal conjuration that will tear heaven apart!

Necrolatreia - Explosions of Fire Pro CD-R 6,66 Euro

Heathen BM in the vain of old Enid and mixed with some influence from Dub Buk.

Nebelschwaden - Nostalgie & Apathie CD 9 Euro

Debut Album from this German Depressive Black Metal Band (with graphic under disk).

Neptrecus - L'aube du déclin CD 11,90 Euro

Epic, Brutal and warlike Black Metal. Sung in French 9 songs, 52min, 8 pages booklet with lyrics lim. to 500 items.

No Pleasure In Life - Happiness In Not An Option MCD 6,66 Euro

Depressive black metal from USA! Very nice MCD!

Nordafrost - Dominus Frigoris Digi CD 11,90 Euro

Re-Release of the legendary Demo from 2002 with 6 Bonus Songs.Excellent Nordic Black Metal from Germany. Comes in 6-Panel Digipack + 8 pages booklet.

Nordreich - …und es bleibt nur Aas 6 Panel Digi CD 11,50 Euro

New output from this great Band. Released for the 10 anniversary.

Notorius - Rage and Fail MCD 6,66 Euro

After 2 great Demos first officially release of this German Raw Atmospheric Black Metal Horde!! No compromise!

Nox Illunis – Metempsychosis CD 11,90 Euro

The New opus Of NOX ILLUNIS bring us seven tracks for over 50 minutes of fast blasting black metal with slow melancholic moments and dissonant chords, mixed with occult atmospheres and industrial sounds in a avantgardistic perspective. 

This sonic journey is evoked in the band's own mothertongue in the form of a concept album with poetical lyrics and is intended to channel the human strain towards the inner depths of the counsciousness, and awake the spirit against the decadent modern world.

SKR 012 Nur Ein See – Traumtänzer Digi-CD-R 5 Euro

Lim. only to 100 items. If you like the piano works of Nachtreich or Lebensessenz, then this is highly recommend for you!

The perfect Music for rainy autmn days.

Nyctophobia – Ritual II: The Will of Darkness MCD 7 Euro

Very great Cold and Grim Black Metal from Spain! The music is in the vain from the middle 90´s from Scandinavia!

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