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Taakeferd - Nar Sirkelen Brytes Digi CD 12 Euro
TAAKEFERD has conspired against the orderly cosmos as we know it for over a decade already, but the venomous
fruits of this frostbitten warmonger were yet to be unleashed upon humanity. Until now. The new full-length opus
bears the glorious title "Når sirkelen brytes", and with the pulse from the old, plague-infested roots of the
Norwegian Black Metal poison, TAAKEFERD explores and transcends the limits of mental dichotomies in its many forms.
A masterpiece consisting of compositions from the coldest of winters, the deepest of forests and the very tabernacle of solitude.
Prepare to be penetrated by the frozen landscapes of Northern Norway.

Thanatomania – Drangsal MCD 6,50 Euro
Depressive Black Metal from Germany. Unreleased Tracks For This Mini Album (with graphic under disk).

The Last Seed – Hellboy CD 10 Euro (new in stock)
Grim cold and raw Black Metal from Nurenberg / Bavaria. Offset paper, lim. 350 units.

Todessucht – Wertlos CD 9 Euro
Depressive Black Metal from Germany, lim. to 500 copys!

Trauer - A man with a load of mischief CD 10 Euro
Depressive Black Metal from Germany! After some Demos, finally the first full length album on CD!

Trauer - A walk into the twilight CD 9 Euro
Second album from this depressive atmospheric Black Metal Band!

Triebtat / Misanthrop – Schneidetrieb CD 11 Euro
Both German Underground Bands presents a very great Split CD.
Cold, raw and atmospheric Black Metal. Cut your flesh!!!

Torture - Eisenknecht CD 9 Euro
The best mix of Black / Death and Trashmetal ever.

Tumulus Anmatus – Ave Casus Mundi CD 10 Euro
Excellent italian Black Metal !!!

Uhriristi - Maailma Palaa CD 11,90 Euro
Anti-religious uncompromising Black Metal. Sung in Finnish 9 songs, 37min, 8 pages booklet with lyrics lim. to 500 copies

Umbra Noctis – Il Primo Volo CD 12 Euro
Umbra Noctis came back with their first full lenght cd after the split cd with Gort. Their dinstictive sound made of inspired
and epic black metal with gloomy atmospheres, some slow patterns and intimate lyrics in italian language.

Unjoy - Worthless Life End CD 11,90 Euro
Depressive Black Metal from Finland!

Urgehal - Rise Of The Monument CD 11 Euro
The second demo of Urgehal first time on CD + 45 minutes Urgehal live at Under the Black Sun Open Air 2008

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