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Realm of Carnivora - Grotesk – CD 10 Euro

The flagship of estonian black metal Realm of Carnivora is ready to unleash their sixth studioalbum. Grotesk - A journey through

carnal nature - primitive and raw. Black metal with appalling melody and unhealthy atmospheres. Enter the sore asylum.

Sacradis - Damnatio memoriae CD 10 Euro

Last Album from this Italian Band.Occult, fast and dark Black Metal.

Sad - Devouring The Divine CD 10 Euro


Sargeist – Let the devil in CD 11,90 Euro

Third full length album from this Cult Band! The CD includes a Bonus Track (official license press on Misanthropic Spirit)

Schattenvald – I Digi CD 11,90 Euro

SCHATTENVALD plays an unique style of melodic and epic Black Metal!

Schattenvald – II Digi CD 11,90 Euro

Second Album from this great German Black Metal Act!

Schattenvald – III Digi CD 11,90 Euro

Third strike from this atmospheric melodic Black Metal Band!

Schattenvald – IV Digi CD 11,90 Euro

Fantastic Album from this great German Band. Melodic, dark and epic Black Metal!

Schattenwelt – Winter MCD-r Euro 10 Euro

Ambient Black Metal. New Schattenwelt MCD! Packed in a 7" gatefold, incl. postcard, lim. to 100 items!

Schattenwelt – Auszüge de Nacht CD-r 7,90 Euro

Black Metal / Folklore, Limited to 100 hand numbered copies! Handcrafted 4 Page Digi.. Incl. A3 Poster and Button

Sekhmet - Pomsta Pekelnych LegII CD 9,50 Euro

Raw Black Metal from Czecj Republik. Debut Stuff Re-Released on CD with 2 Bonus tracks.

Selbsttötung - Trümmer Digi CD-R 10 Euro

Negative, hypnotic, depressive Black Metal! Lim. to 100 only incl. a A3 Poster!

Serpent Noir  - Sanguis XI MCD 8,90 Euro

Occult BM in the vain of Ofermod.

Shadow under Arms – From the Abyss… to the Throne CD 9,90 Euro

The compilation album, cursed with raw and hateful Black Metal, is available on CD

Shores of Ladon – Lupercal MCD 6 Euro

After one Promo and one Rehearsal, now the first MCD. Shores Of Ladon performs Black Metal exclusively, nothing more, nothing less!

Sibimortem - Glory to Eternal Flame CD 11 Euro

Fast & cold mexican black!

Skady - When Sun Disappeared CD 11,90 Euro

Third full length Album, from this German post Black Metal band!

Spire – Metamorph Digipak MCD 8 Euro

This is the second part of Spire.They didn't change anything of their music-the nihilistic atmosphere of the first part is

always there.But its the consequent progression and metamorphosis that all future will bring. Limited to 500 copies in a

nice digipak with 8 pages booklet.

Sõjaruun - Talv – MCD 6,90 Euro

New MCD by Sõjaruun grim black / pagan metal, yet still melodic, harsh vocals and a cold, hateful atmosphere.

Sombre Croisade - Litanie Au Mal CD 11,90 Euro

First album of the band from France that plays raw Black Metal. Lim. to 500 copies on CD pro with 8-pages booklet.

Sombre Presage - Seul... Digi. CD 10 Euro

A masterpiece of Ritual Dark/Ambient.Slimpack Digipack Lim. 500

Stormnatt - The Crimson Sacrament CD 10 Euro

“The Crimson Sacrament ” features 8 hymns of straight, raw and very melodic Black Metal which are somehow still in the

vein of their debut album, but also show clear improvements in terms of songwriting, riffing and general vision, leaning

a bit more towards mid 90s Sweden BM.

Suamanucaedere – Mortem sibi Consciscere CD 11 Euro

Violated Depressive Black Metal

Suicidal Vortex - My Existence: A Series Of Thoughts Amidst Infinitive Darkness CD 9 Euro
Very Fast Negativ and suicidal Black Metal!

Svart - Förlorad – CD 11 Euro

Pure negativ and depressiv Black Metal from Sweden.

Svartsyn - Wrath Upon The Earth CD 12 Euro

After 3 years of silence Svartsyn returns with long awaited 6th full lenght album. Black Metal the way it was meant to be.

First batch of CDs comes with a slipcase.

Sylvan Realm – The Lodge of Transcendence CD 12 Euro

Great Black Metal from the U.S.A! The music is a mix of old Scandinavian Black Metal (in the vain of Sorhin) and a little bit

Black and Roll mixed with some modern Black Metal ascendancies.